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"There are shortcuts to happiness and dance is one of them"  Vicki Baum



Class Descriptions

Ballet (all students must be enrolled in a ballet class except for tap students)

The study of ballet is the foundation for learning all forms of dance. There is no substitute for good ballet training. All dancers who want to have strong technique, good placement and proper body alignment must study ballet. All ballet classes help to strengthen the dancer's core and build on discipline and concentration.


Pointe (by placement only)

Once a dancer has reached the age of 12 and has taken ballet class for several years, she might be a candidate for pointe shoes. Pointe work is an extension of the ballet training that has gone before it. Please note: this class is by invitation only.



This class encompasses strength and flexibility warm-ups with a strong emphasis on technique. Combinations incorporate many styles of dance: Broadway, Musical Theater, and Contemporary Modern choreography.



Lyrical Dance is a fusion of ballet and jazz techniques blended together to express the thoughts, emotion and story that the lyrics of the song are telling through the choreography and movement. This is a beautiful dance form for those looking for another way to express themselves through dance. Students in this class must also be enrolled in a ballet class.


Performance Team 

This class is for the student looking for more opportunities to perform through out the year in addition to the Nutcracker and annual recital. The main objective is to learn choreography to perform at community events, nursing homes and a performance trip at the end of the year . This is not a technique class there fore the students must be enrolled in a ballet class also.


Tap dancing can be defined as a dance in which the rhythm of your feet become musical instruments with which the dancer can create wonderful music. This class consists of a warm up followed by A Broadway-style routine for levels I-III and a rhythm routine for levels IV and above.



This is a basic beginner's dance class for 3 & 4 year olds to introduce young children to body awareness, music and the fundamentals of dance. This is achieved by interaction between the students, teacher, music and different props which all come together to help stimulate the child's creative imagination and open the doors to dance as a wonderful form of expression. Basic ballet terminology is taught in this class.



Hip Hop

This class is is a high-energy class that infuses the latest styles of street dancing and encourage students to step outside of the box by bringing their own individual style and personality to the movements. 


Pom introduces the student to synchronized dance and visual effects while using Pom Poms. Kick-lines, Jumps,Turns, fitness and team work will be emphasized in this class.



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